International Wine Tourism

The International wine tourism is a new sales channel in which Laya Wine offers its experience and Know-how in order to develop it successfully.

Usually a customer does not know if he can buy wine on his visit and can receive it directly in his country, and this is due largely to the fact that most wineries do not offer this possibility.

Laya Wine offers its customers wineries a comprehensive service, responsible compliance with the regulations concerning the transport of products subject to IISS, as well as to inform and advise the client on the prerequisites according to the regulations and Requirements of the country of destination.

To know in advance how much wine you can sell and in which country you will report value added to your commercial offer, also getting the possibility of loyalty to the customer who has made the tour.

Your winery will be able to generate sales derived from the international wine tourism activity directed to individuals for delivery at the home of the destination country, without any worries and no added cost for your company.

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