Packaging and Thermal insulation

Guarantee of protection.

The packaging of protection of any expedition is the continent of its wines, and therefore the most important to avoid breakage of bottles in all the transit of its expedition.

We must therefore minimize the risk of this happening, making sure that the protective packaging has been subjected to the appropriate impact tests to ensure that our content has not been altered (ISTA certification)

We pack the bottles carefully providing them of adequate protection for your transport using only resistant boxes to be shipped to any part of the world, both in a terrestrial and aerial transport.

Thermal insulation.

The possible temperature oscillations during an expedition can be reduced with thermal insulating (thermal cover).

In extreme cases, where temperature fluctuations are excessively abrupt we can assess the option of providing our product with a high potential isothermal packaging with cold accumulators.

Temperature indicators.

With the temperature indicators we can monitor the thermosensitive products during the whole logistic process (transport and storage).

Once activated, its visual indicator turns in color irreversibly and not manipulated when it exceeds the temperature of activation determined according to the time and temperature of over-exposure.

I-PLUG + is a single-use thermograph for temperature recording during transit (storage and transport) of products sensitive to temperature fluctuations. I-PLUG + allows the control and monitoring of temperature records by means of a download software.

The data registered with the Thermograph can be sent to a server in the "cloud" (unique on the market), which makes it possible to consult at any time and place, in addition to constituting an excellent way of safeguarding the memorized data.

  • Thermograph of a use designed for temperature control (-20c ~ + 70 °c) of thermolabile products, throughout the logistics and storage process.
  • Control and temperature Registration of thermo-sensitive products, for transits up to 90 days.