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Our company

Laya Wine is a logistics services company specialized in international shipments of products subject to excise duties, developing our activity mainly in the wine sector. From our headquarters in La Rioja...

we have been able to consolidate and maintain, to this day a leading position in the field of business consulting, backed by recognized competencies.

Our services

Laya Wine offers you a set of services based on efficiency and professionalism for the success of your international shipments. Our collaboration with the client can be occasional or an extension of your export department, streamlining your operations...


We are different

At Laya Wine we have always paid special attention to the need to evolve and adapt our fundamentals to the circumstances. We are constantly seeking a balance between our two fundamental principles:

We only offer our advice in those fields in which we in those fields in which we have proven competence. proven competence.

No data or knowledge acquired in the process will be transmitted to third parties.

Some of our clients